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Melissa & Jasper

We started CrossFit Paladin in 2012 with two very specific goals: to help first responders get (and stay) fit for duty; and to help regular people find their confidence while becoming the best versions of themselves.

Jasper has been in law enforcement since 2006. We know the demands of the job on the body, we understand how easy it can be to have your fitness slide due to crazy schedules, busy shifts, family needs, little sleep, and more. We also know how important regular exercise is for stress management, and how it may someday be crucial to save a life. CrossFit was the solution for him to all of those problems. But, it also made working out fun again! He was able to do a different workout every day, often with his friends from work. The classes were quick, but effective. He looked forward to working out, and gained both strength and endurance!

He tried to convince me to go with him for the longest time. I went a couple times, but just couldn’t get past the intimidation and overwhelm. Everybody there knew what they were doing, but I had no clue. So I continued working out on my own, while adding more and more CrossFit style workouts into my routine. I really loved the variety and challenge each workout offered. After some time of working out alone and teaching myself, I figured out what was missing from my initial trial of CrossFit- someone that understood what it was like to be me, a woman in her 30’s, with kids, that had been 45 pounds overweight, never touched a barbell, and was intimidated by it all.

When my husband approached me with his crazy idea of opening our own gym, I immediately knew what my mission was: to help other women just like me gain confidence and improve their health through exercise. To show them that no matter where they were starting from, they could accomplish any goal they had! To show them they didn’t have to figure it out on their own, and that they weren’t alone.

That was our mission in 2012, and it’s still our mission today.

At any given time we are working with police officers/first responders, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, business owners, teens, and more to help them achieve their goals.

Melissa isĀ  Head Coach and Co-owner of CrossFit Paladin, Nutrition Coach, and the only CrossFit Certified Level 3 Trainer in Lubbock, TX.

Jasper is Co-owner of CrossFit Paladin, Lieutenant with the Lubbock Police Dept and Commander of the SWAT Team, has a Bachelors in Health Science (Exercise Science), and has his CF-L2