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I decided to try out CrossFit Paladin because it was a great way to spend time with my Fiancée who has been going for a few years. I jumped right into the new year with a 6-week nutrition challenge to start building healthy habits, which we even continued far after because of the results we experienced first- hand!

One of my favorite aspects of CrossFit Paladin is the accountability that comes along with being a member. I have many years of exercise experience, but having the encouragement and guidance from the coaches makes all of the difference.


I love CrossFit. I have been going for two years now and haven’t felt better. I was afraid like everyone else that I was heavy and couldn’t do the movements or basically anything. Luckily one of my good friends was going to CrossFit Paladin. He talked me into going and here I am now. I lost a few pounds here and there and then signed up for the nutrition piece as well. It was the missing piece.

I have now lost 30-35ish pounds. I have a great group of new friends that keep me accountable daily. Thanks CrossFit Paladin for helping me change.

Paula M.

After doing overseas missions for a year, I came back to the states with a lot of unhealthy baggage, physically and emotionally. I knew a change in my life would only happen with action on my own part, so I took a leap of faith and tried out CrossFit Paladin. From the first training session, I felt welcomed and accepted even when I was far from accepting myself.

Almost 3 years later, I have gained confidence in my abilities physically through the outstanding coaching, a deeper understanding of the food my body needs to feel the very best, and a healthier mentality to process through everyday struggles. CrossFit Paladin is my non-negotiable because its more than a building with equipment. It’s the place where I can go that is full of supportive community members who genuinely get to know your life and has the best coaching staff that do not treat me like a number on their roster.

Bailey P.

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