Why We Aren’t Doing Murph on Memorial Day

Murph on Memorial Day has always been a big tradition for us at CrossFit Paladin. So why aren’t we doing it on Memorial Day this year? Let me explain…

Last week I wrote about how important it is to be smart as you get back into your previous workout routines. I explained that because the vast majority of us didn’t do any pull-ups for the last 2 months that it would be irresponsible for us to program Murph on Memorial Day (just 1 week after being allowed to return to the gym).

Yesterday and today, as I scroll through social media, I see lots of posts about people doing Murph. Did it make me second guess myself?

Absolutely not. It only confirmed my decision. You see, every post came with comments like “I wanted to quit, but…”, “I was going to modify my pull-ups but just went for it”, or “I was only going to do half, but then just ended up doing it all.”

That’s the exact reason we aren’t doing it. I know how this workout is. I’ve been there. I started with the plan of doing half, or just wearing my vest on the run, or going through the motions but not pushing the intensity. And then you start. And you find a groove. You think “I’ve made it this far…” You think about the meaning of the workout, how if these heroes can die for our country then surely you can suffer through this to show your respect.

And that’s normally what it’s all about. But right now, we have to be smart. I don’t think any of these heroes would feel honored by people doing things their body wasn’t ready for and potentially ending up in the hospital. That’s not paying your respect, that’s being reckless.

Let’s also remember, Murph is not the only hero WOD. Sadly, we have dozens of workouts to honor those brave men and woman who died serving our country in the US Military. Memorial Day is about all of our fallen military heroes.

We have a different hero WOD planned for tomorrow. It will be challenging. It will give you an opportunity to honor all those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It will be comprised of movements that will be appropriate for what the majority of us have been doing over the last 2 months. And since none of us have done this particular workout before, we won’t have that nagging voice in our head pushing us to do better than last time.

We will do Murph, possibly on July 4th. By then we will have had time to prepare our bodies for the challenge.

And of course, a small number of our members were able to continue doing workouts that consisted of pull-ups during the closure. They may be just fine to do Murph! However, we need to program for the majority, and the majority will be served well with Hidalgo.

For more information on Hidalgo, read this: https://www.crossfit.com/workout/2011/12/29#/comments


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