What’s in a Name

What’s in a name? We have operated under the name of CrossFit Paladin for just shy of 8 years.

We paid a fee every year to CrossFit, Inc. to be able to use the term “CrossFit” in our name, to advertise that we provide “CrossFit” classes, and to be able to judge our members in the Open without them needing to submit a video of their Open workouts for review.

That’s basically it. It’s surprising to most people that don’t understand the difference between an affiliate and a franchise. The CrossFit affiliate model allowed us to use the name, judge the Open, and run our business in whatever manner we wanted. There was literally no over site or instruction from CF HQ on how to run our business.

We actually enjoyed this, it’s part of how you have so many different boxes, each with it’s own personality and community. But recent events, and information that has come out has caused us to question that relationship, as minimal as it may be. We originally posted that barring significant changes, we would not be renewing our affiliate agreement this August. Since we made that statement, we have not seen anything that indicates CrossFit is on the up and up, and in fact have only heard things that indicate the culture within CF HQ was even more toxic than any of us knew.

It makes me a little sad that we have to give up the “CrossFit” in our business. However, I know that those 8 letters did not define us or make us who we are. Our values and our community is what unites us.

We will be changing our name, but our mission to help the Lubbock community become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest versions of themselves will not change.

There will certainly be some small changes, but nothing that will matter in the grand scheme of things. We will still call our group classes exactly that. When people ask what we do, we’ll still tell them we coach fitness. The truth is, CrossFit didn’t invent any of this. They took the most effective exercises from every possible area and combined them in ways most people had never thought of. We will continue to do all the same movements, yes even the ones you don’t like. But also your favorites. We will likely be more inclined to think outside the box and try some new things again- we used to do this a lot when we first started, and it was fun! And of course, we will continue to coach you and steer you toward your health and fitness goals, because we are in the business of coaching, guiding, inspiring, assuring, motivating, and sometimes having the hard conversations when necessary.

Now, to settle on a new name… You’d be surprised how many domain names with the word ‘Paladin’ related to fitness are already taken… 😳


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