What Does Consistency Get You?

Erica Clark performing the same movement, 2 years apart.

The difference between these pictures is both remarkable and simple. 2 years, consistent workouts, and a commitment to better nutrition. That’s it!

Erica has seen amazing change over the years, and it’s because she does the little things that most don’t want to do. She shows up consistently to work out. She consistently works on making healthy meal choices. She works on changing her mindset around these things.

Does she do it 100% of the time? Is she always perfect? No! And that’s the beauty of it- you don’t have to be perfect to get where you want to be, you just have to put in the effort most of the time, do the hard things consistently. And when you get off track- get back on!

But, you have to be consistent, and it has to be for the long haul. You need to win more days than you lose. You need to eat more healthy, balanced meals than not. You need to show up at the gym more days than you skip. That’s it. It’s simple.


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