Transformation Tuesday- Rachel


This is Rachel, and she participated in our fall nutrition challenge.

She is also my daughter, and I was so proud of her for wanting to improve her nutrition! (important: she WANTED to participate in the challenge, we didn’t MAKE her do it. That would not be a recommended approach.)

That’s what our challenges are about: improved nutrition, and therefore improved health.

Notice I didn’t talk about weightloss? Sure she lost a few pounds, but that’s not what we celebrate.

That’s never been our focus when talking about food and nutrition with our kids.

We talk about giving your body the nutrients it needs to feel good, build strong bones and muscles, stay healthy, have good sustainable energy, and function optimally. We talk about eating less junk, less sugar, and less processed foods (we use the word less, not “zero” or “no”). We talk about eating a variety of vegetables and protein. We talk about paying attention to your body, learning to listen to your body and decipher the feedback it gives.

Turns out, that’s exactly what our nutrition challenge focuses on!

I would not encourage my daughter to participate in any program where the sole focus is weightloss.

That is the wrong message, and programs like that tend to produce temporary results at best, dangerous and lifelong issues at worst.

I absolutely encourage my daughter to participate in our nutrition challenge because I KNOW she will learn valuable lessons, skills, and tips that will continue to benefit her throughout her life!

We do not teach fads. We do not recommend taking a ton of supplements (mainly just Omega3 and protein powder for post-workout).

Above, I mentioned how we didn’t celebrate the few pounds of weightloss. So what did we celebrate? The following:

Since the last challenge, she has leaned into several of the habits we worked on and routinely comes home from the grocery store with a variety of veggies. She learned how to find a healthy lunch option at work, instead of always ordering chicken fried whatever. She learned that drinking water throughout the day really does help her feel better and I wasn’t just saying that to annoy her when she was a child/teenager.😂

These are huge, and this is what is celebrated!

I’m thankful that at 20 years old, she already has a better nutrition foundation and more knowledge than I did at 30. And I’m glad she’s doing the challenge again to continue practicing these habits.

Melissa Koenig

CrossFit Level 3 Certified Trainer

CrossFit Paladin

Lubbock, TX


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