Time to Get After Those Goals?

Now that the Open is over, this is a great time to reflect and refocus on what your goals are.

Do you need to lose a few pounds? Gain muscle? Head into swimsuit season with confidence instead of cover-ups?

Maybe you tend to crash during intense or long workouts and need to learn how to fuel your body to perform.

Are you ready to focus on that one skill (or more) that has eluded you to this point?

Maybe you’d like a dedicated program to boost strength or endurance..


Whatever it is, CrossFit Paladin has you covered! From nutrition plans to skill sessions to individual multi-session personal training plans, we have what it takes to reach your goals!

Here are some of the different options we have to help you achieve success:

High Accountability Nutrition plan ($199/mth)- 3 spots available!

Nutrition Assessments ($65)

Nutrition Check-ins ($40)

5-pack 60 min Personal Training ($305)

5-pack 30 min Skill sessions ($190)

One 60 min Personal Training session ($65)

One 30 min skill session ($40).

In just a couple of sessions we have helped members get beyond their sticking points and charge ahead, whether it was learning about eating to fuel their body and lose weight, work on improving their snatch technique, or get some one on one time to break down a muscle up. Get with a coach- either in person or via email- to schedule your nutrition or personal training session today, or schedule your goal review appointment if you’re not sure what direction you need to go. Either way- we can give you the tools for success!

Goal Review Link:  https://crossfitpaladin.uplaunch.com/client_bookings/1565


Stop wishing, start taking action today!!!


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Talk with a coach about your goals, get the plan to achieve them.