The Typical Dieting Cycle

It may come as a surprise, but 2/3 of people that go on a diet will regain the weight they lose, plus add more. This can happen for a few different reasons, but often it comes down to trying to follow a very restrictive or rigid diet.

When people follow a diet that restricts a large group of foods, they tend to do well at first but eventually give in. Then they feel like they “failed” so they give up and may even goes as far as to throw out any and all restrictions.

Another area people struggle with is limiting their intake. They sometimes feel like they have to eat ridiculously few calories in order to lose weight. But what happens instead of losing weight, they lose energy, they lose muscle mass, and they gain fat. I have worked with many clients where they grudgingly increase their caloric intake and were shocked when they finally got past the plateau they’d been stuck at, their performance in the gym improved, they lost fat and gained muscle, and their energy was through the roof.

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