The Open Starts March 11th!

The 2021 CrossFit Open registration is live! Be sure to register and compete with your fellow gym members, and people from all over the world! They will release a workout each Thursday evening for 3 weeks, and we will have our “Friday Night Lights” event each Friday.

It’s an exciting time in the gym- the energy is great and the support is off the charts. We make it a fun competition by dividing all members that register into teams that will then compete for in-gym bragging rights, and the chance to get their team name on the Paladin Open Cup (that trophy on the shelf behind the front desk).

This year, our coaches will be the team captains! We will have a draft before the Open where coaches will form their teams (by pulling names out of a hat).

There are many ways to earn points for your team, so if you don’t feel like you’re the most gifted CrossFit athlete that you shouldn’t participate. We give points for things like team spirit, accomplishing a new movement in the workout, social media posts, and even bringing spectators to watch! You’ll earn major points if you convince someone to join our gym during the 3 weeks of the Open…

There are also different versions of the workout available. In the past, there’s been and RX and a Scaled version, and you would just pick which one to perform based on your abilities with the particular movements in the workout. I read something yesterday that indicates they’re going to add another option- foundations. I expect that to be a level that is appropriate for those members that are quite new to CrossFit, so that will be fun to see as well!

Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing several posts from me about signing up for the Open. Just go ahead and do it 😉

Sign up here: It’s $20 to CrossFit, but they’ll save your scores forever and even rank you worldwide.

I will have a separate link for you to sign up with us. It’s not up yet, but I will offer 2 options- with, or without, a Paladin Open ’21 shirt because that’s all anyone seems to care about anyway, haha.


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