The MUST-HAVE Supplement You Need When Starting a Fitness Program

You want to start focusing on your fitness, and you many have lots of questions about all the various supplements out there.

It can be confusing, and expensive! If you go to a store, there’s a good chance the salesperson will recommend a long list of products- “guaranteed” to make you stronger, fitter, leaner, and healthier in no time!

Good news, we can save you a lot of money.

When starting a fitness program, there really aren’t any supplements that you must have. The most important thing is that you start, and stick with it.

There actually is a supplement that will make the process feel like a breeze: Fun.

If you start a fitness program, but training isn’t fun, you likely won’t stick with it very long. Now, the workouts can be tough, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a great time. Sometimes our abs are more tired from laughing than from sit-ups!

Can you imagine if you actually wanted to work out? If you actually looked forward to coming to the gym because it’s a place where you have fun?You’d probably show up more often, and that would lead to you becoming healthier. That’s why we supplement fitness with FUN at CrossFit Paladin. And it’s included in your membership 😉

But seriously, there are a few supplements that have been scientifically proven to be effective. Down the road, we can certainly recommend a few that might help a little. But for now, you’d be better off focusing on working out regularly, smiling, and eating nutritious food (we can help with diet, too! A simple tip now: eat more veggies and lean protein).

So, if you feel confused and overwhelmed with all the talk of creatine, protein bars, fat burners, BCAAs, metabolism boosters, mass gainers, and whatever else someone is trying to convince you is the magic key- don’t worry about any of it right now.

All you need to do is start a program. We have a fun one!

We’ll tell you everything you need to do if you click here. And we can even answer any specific supplement questions you may have!


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