The Gift of Failure

Written by Coach Hollie


The Gift of Failure

“Maybe you are a loser. And Maybe you’re not- but if you are, you don’t have to continue in that

mode. Maybe you just have a bad habit. Maybe you’re even just a collection of bad habits.

– Jordan B. Peterson


After almost a decade of trying to find my niche in the workout world, I have developed a theme.

Every so often I fall apart. Like bad fall apart. I typically don’t ever write or talk about falling apart, and sometimes I do.

When I fall apart, I like to come up for air and reflect on what I have learned. Usually I never post or talk about these lessons I have learned. I am not real sure what to do with this type of data but I do know that if I don’t get it out and analyze it then this falling apart is like a record on repeat.

I typically have these falling apart moments when I have been working a lot, feeling stressed, tired, my schedule is out of control and nothing is going like I have planned in my head and I can’t do a pull up or the bar is heavy or I have this ache today.

When these “falling aparts” happen, I note the following themes:

  1. I am a failure
  2. I am a failure in a lot of things
  3. Specifically I am a failure at: love, money, nutrition, CrossFit, running, swimming, thinking, existing, living, etc.


In other words, my falling apart centers around being a failure.


Some of you would imagine that failing is not something I do very easily, yet it is something that I battle all the time. The funny thing is that I hand pick things in my life that are ripe with failure and then I get mad when I fail. Like CrossFit, triathlon, swimming, running, yoga, cycling, losing weight.

Here is the kicker……all of these are LIFE things.

Life is a failure battleground. Here is what I have come to learn from all of these failures.

  • Failure is a true test of who we are.
  • Failure is the opportunity to course-correct.
  • Failure proves what we do when we get knocked down. Do we keep going?
  • Failure speaks volumes about our character – how we handle it. How we plan our next move.
  • Failure shakes things up and gives us a new vision.
  • Failure forces a new or revised plan.
  • Failure is a Life Do-Over.
  • Failing is the biggest gift of life.


CrossFit is a great example of failures and rebounds. Rebounds are the act of moving forward after a failure. How we handle those failures or setbacks is key to us moving forward. Sometimes we must fail to see what the truth really is and where our true focus needs to be. We all have cracks. Those cracks do not need to be filled or covered up.

They are what makes us.

Embrace the fails and don’t beat yourself up over them.

Have them, evaluate them, make changes, set new goals, prioritize and get back to work.

Keep up the good work and Press On!


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