Should I Wait to Start my Diet?

Should I Wait to Start my Diet?

We’ve all been there. We have this event on Saturday. The week after next is vacation. Oh, and a quick trip out of town in the middle. So we decide to put off making better nutrition choices. After all, what would be the point of starting right now with so many functions coming up? It would be best to wait until things slow down so I can really focus on it…

That is 100% the wrong approach.

You see the thing is, life never really slows down. There’s always something, followed by another thing, and of course the totally unexpected surprise thing.

So what’s the best approach? Start with your very next meal. Can you make sure it includes veggies and some protein? If yes- great! You just moved one step closer to a healthier you. Remember- every choice moves you closer to your goal, or further from it. There’s no standing still.

If no- look at your calendar, find one hour in the next 24 that you can get to the store and stock up on some vegetables and meat. Don’t make it complicated, purchase things you know are simple to prepare. Grab a few bags of frozen veggies- stir fry mixes, broccoli, and cauliflower are my go-to items. It’s super easy to add them to just about any meal. Don’t forget some protein. Lean ground beef, chicken breast, and chicken thighs are the items I always try to have on hand.

Once you have those items, go home and cook the protein. Yes, do it right away. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic (those are universal). Then put it in the fridge. Now you are just a few minutes away from a nutritious meal. So, your very next meal- use those items! Reheat the protein, add whatever other spices you’d like. Cook the veggies. Enjoy. Repeat for every meal until the next event. You will make so much progress this way! And no- one event or vacation won’t undo all that work.

Don’t wait for perfect conditions to start living better. Imperfect progress trumps no progress ant day. And know that no matter what, we will always have things that pop up. That doesn’t mean we need to throw the rest of the week/month/year away!

So just start taking those small steps. Stop finding excuses. They will start to add up faster than you can imagine (small steps and excuses alike). In a year from now you might not believe what you accomplished!


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