Set Yourself Up For Success

It’s Sunday night. This is the time to plan out your week.

What obligations do you have this week? Meetings? What about the kids? What activities do they have?

Once you right that down, you need to schedule your workout time. And then you need to commit to it.

You need to tell yourself you’re the type of person that doesn’t miss a workout.

If you scheduled a class at 5:45pm, you’re going to go. Something comes up? Doesn’t matter. Unless it’s a real life emergency, it needs to wait.

And then you need to approach the next day the same way. Be the type of person that sticks to the plan. Don’t get distracted. Don’t fall for the “this is last minute, but it’s too important to wait” guise. The vast majority of the time- it can wait.

What can’t wait is you making yourself a priority. Making your health a priority. Getting into the routine and habit of self care. None of that can wait. Or someday, your health might be the emergency that keeps you from doing what you planned.


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