September Gold Star Club

September is over, and we had a very small group able to meet the 20 visit mark, congrats to them for getting it done!

However, before we announce those members, we have some exciting news- we are changing up the gold star club requirements.

Starting in October, any member that makes it to the gym 16 DAYS or more will qualify for Gold Star status.

There will also be a change to the multi-visit rule. Currently, it’s been any SEPARATE visit counts toward your visits (ex: 8:30am and 4:30pm would count as 2 visits, but 4:30pm and 5:30pm would not). Starting in October, you may count up to 2 multi-visit days in the month toward your 16 visits (still as separate visits- 5:30am and 4:30pm for example). You are still encouraged to come multiple times per day if you wish, you just won’t receive the “extra credit” toward Gold Star attendance.

Anybody that meets or exceeds the 16 visit threshold will be entered into the drawing for some sort of fun prize! We started this a few months ago, and it’s been fun to give a little something extra to a member each month😊. So now hopefully even more of you will have a shot at winning!

*For any month in which we have 3 or more days that we are not operating the majority of our regular schedule, we will adjust the required visits down a bit (like what we did in July). Just something to keep in mind as the holiday season approaches!


Now for the September qualifiers….

Becca Gonzales- 38 visits

Kim Hayes- 21 visits


And the winner of a gift card to the fabulous Texas Roadhouse is….

Kim Hayes!!! Congrats Kim!


I already know next month this list will be MUCH longer, so let’s see who will be on it!


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