Recipe- White Bean Chicken Chili😋

This is the perfect cold weather meal!

I made this a couple weeks ago, it was a big hit with the fam- including the kids! When you find a recipe everyone in the family likes, you must share.

The recipe I used can be found here:

I made some simple tweaks to fit my situation, and it still turned out great!

First, I had some chicken breast that was already cooked in the fridge. Jasper had smoked some on the grill over the weekend during our meal prep. So, at about 4:00pm I tossed the already cooked chicken breast into the slow cooker, along the rest of the ingredients (except the roux). I made some adjustments here and there, like I use broth from a carton instead of a can- makes no difference. I also measured zero spices. I used to be a stickler about following recipes EXACTLY. Not sure what happened in the last couple years, but I tend to just “eyeball” everything now. At least when it comes to spices. I also used 1/2 a jar of salsa verde, mainly because I didn’t feel like throwing $4.00 of salsa into one recipe😂

Once everything was in the slow cooker, I set it to high for 4 hours. Since the chicken was already cooked, and I didn’t start this until the afternoon, this was the only option. Went back to the gym to coach evening classes, then came home and made the roux (this got a little messy- you can see a post if you look back on our IG account). The main adjustments here were a little less heavy cream (because I only have regular milk at home, not reduced fat so made the adjustment to keep the fat content consistent), a chicken “boulion” in the granules style with no MSG, and my carton of yogurt was 5.3oz instead of 7oz. Aside from the mess I made by spilling both the milk and heavy cream, this came together pretty easily! Added it to the slow cooker- which had just started to bubble- and gave it a good stir.

I think the total time in slow cooker ended up being 3 hours on high.

We garnished with fresh cilantro, that really made it delicious! We also sprinkled a little cheese on top, and dipped a few Siete chips into it for a little crunch.

We had leftovers for the next day, and we actually ATE IT ALL. Normally leftovers in our house just sit in the fridge for a couple weeks and then get tossed in the trash🙃

I will be making this again, and will probably experiment with cutting the milk and cream in half for the roux. The point of this blog post isn’t just to share a great recipe, but to show you that you can take a recipe and make changes on the fly! You don’t necessarily need to have every single ingredient, exactly as listed. Sometimes we let that stop us from making an otherwise healthy meal. Most times, there are simple swaps that can be made (ask google!). Or just leave something out if you can’t find it at the store or you forgot to get it (me most of the time…)!

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress!



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