Our Position

We have been processing, thinking, listening, and thinking some more. It all really comes down to values. We must live by them, and run our business by them. 

​Barring significant changes in leadership at CFHQ, we will no longer be a CrossFit branded affiliate. Based on a rumor that Nicole Carroll (one of their most highly regarded executives and a woman of true character) has resigned, I do not believe we will see the changes we expect.

​We have an incredible community made up of wonderfully diverse individuals. This community wasn’t built by CrossFit, Inc and we will not be destroyed by CrossFit, Inc. 

​We DO NOT need the word CrossFit in our name to continue changing lives. 

​Greg Glassman’s actions are inexcusable. While he may be a genius that created the most profound and real changes to health and fitness in the last century, he has repeatedly shown his inability to lead. He has tarnished our reputation, and that of thousands of affiliates around the world.

​This is not something we take lightly. Disaffiliating will be difficult, both in the amount of work it will require and the emotional toll. CrossFit helped me realize my purpose, my why. To help improve people’s lives through fitness and nutrition. That has been my driving force for nearly 8 years. I could never have done it without CrossFit. But a wise man I look to for advice has a saying- the ones that got you where you are today may not be the ones who take you where you go next. We are expecting to move forward as Paladin Fitness and Nutrition, and we are confident that we will continue to deliver the same excellent service, minus the distractions of one hot headed, incredulous, unaccountable, CrossFit Inc, CEO. Please allow some time for all of the changes that need to take place.

​In case it isn’t obvious, here is what we stand for: We wholeheartedly believe in inclusivity. We have always been about helping people become the best versions of themselves. We are adamantly against any type of discrimination: race, sex, sexual orientation, religious. We are absolutely against police brutality. But we also wholeheartedly support the police that strive to do good and make a difference in their communities; we have known countless officers over the years that live this life, as you have as well. We do not support any organizations that wish to abolish the police. We are against being a shitty person. We believe in constantly analyzing and looking for ways to improve. We believe there is always a need to dig deep, self-reflect, question your actions, motives, and words to ensure they match up with what you say your values are- personally and professionally. We believe in treating people with compassion, love, and care. At. All. Times.

​We will continue to live by our beliefs, but under the name of Paladin Fitness and Nutrition.

​This is not easy, but it is right.



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