New Nutrition Options!

Exciting new options available!!!

I have had a ton of requests for a program to help people get started with improving their nutrition. Based on my in-class (and out-of-class) discussions with so many of you, I’ve created the following 3 assessments. They are designed to meet you where you are and help get you going toward your goals. Keep in mind, we still have the Paladin Fuel Program which is great for those needing extra accountability and/or feel they will need a higher level of assistance/attention. These new nutrition options are great way to get yourself started and at a more affordable price point. They each include an initial assessment, and a follow-up assessment after 3 to 4 weeks to see how its going.  Read through each option, and if you aren’t sure which is right for you please ask and I will be happy to recommend the appropriate option. Also note- while these can be a one-time assessment to get you started, for even better results and accountability you will want to consider scheduling recurring assessments (every 3 months, or perhaps twice a year) to check progress and adjust targets as your body changes.

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*Due to the nature of these assessments, they cannot be completed while I am coaching a class and therefore an appointment must be scheduled.

Nutrition Assessment- Basic

This is a shorter 20-minute meeting for those familiar with tracking and logging food, the types of food to eat, and are just wanting to get measurements (weight, body fat %, waist, hip) and a starting target for daily calorie intake and macro ratios. This will include a 10-minute follow-up after 3 weeks to take measurements again, discuss results, and a recommendation for moving forward.

*Not recommended for those unfamiliar with tracking and logging food, what types of food to include more of and what types to limit.



Nutrition Assessment- Plus

A 45-minute meeting in which we will discuss your goals, possible obstacles (and ways to navigate those obstacles), take starting measurements (weight, body fat %, chest, waist, hip). You’ll receive a daily calorie target along with macro-nutrient ratios based on your goals and current situation. You will be trained on how to track and log your food, learn which foods to try to include more of and which to limit, and be given a few personalized meal ideas to fit your needs.  There will be a 15-minute follow-up appointment at 4 weeks to assess progress.

*Great for those just starting to dip their toe into the wide world of nutrition and are looking for some guidance and clarity.



Nutrition Assessment + Kitchen Cleanout!

This is perfect for those of you that have no idea if the foods you are eating on a regular basis are helping you reach your goals, or possibly hindering. After the initial assessment (everything included in Nutrition Assessment- Plus) I will come to your home and go through your pantry, refrigerator, and anywhere else you may store food and help you determine what to keep and what to get rid of! This one step can be a huge key to success for those that struggle with or feel overwhelmed by trying to figure out which foods are going to help promote long-term health. We will then discuss some options to replace some of the items we get rid of. You will also receive a daily calorie goal and macro-nutrient targets based on your goals, and training on how to track and log your food. This includes a 15-minute follow-up after 4 weeks to assess progress by taking measurements and discussing how the plan has been working for you, and you’ll be given a recommendation to use going forward.



For those looking for a more in-depth program with daily accountability check-ins, please check out our Paladin Fuel program. 3 month program for $299!



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