New Kid’s Class Option- Auto-renew!

To make things easier on you, we have added a new payment option. If your child loves class and you expect them to continue with consecutive sessions, consider the auto-renew payment option! Choosing this option will save you 10% off the regular price of $89 for 2x/week or $59 for 1x/week.

This option will renew every 6 weeks, or at the start of a new session (for instance- if we take a break between sessions that would put us off the 6 week cycle, like at Christmas, the bill date would be moved to the week classes start again).

You can change this at any time, we just request an email be sent to a minimum of 10 days prior to bill date to allow for changes to be made.

Auto-renew, 2x/week:

Auto-renew, 1x/week:


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