New Course: Paladin Strength!

6 Week Strength Course Starts Today!

Paladin strength is a new offering designed to address one of the most common goals our members have- I want to get stronger!

This course is designed to improve your technique and increase the weight on your bar.

Deadlift, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Bench Press will be the focus of this course. Improving those lifts will lead to the ability to improve your Olympic lifts, and even bodyweight movements.

If you want to gain muscle, become more comfortable and confident with lifting, and PR your lifts- then sign up today!

Members and non-members are welcome. Ages 13 and up!

Monday and Thursday nights at 6:45pm (except this week will be Monday and Tuesday night at 6:45pm). You don’t even have to make it to EVERY class to benefit!

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