Memorial WOD Sunday, March 1st

January 2020 was a difficult time for Lubbock as we lost 3 public servants- Officer Nicholas Reyna, Firefighter Eric Hill, and US Army soldier Caleb Smither.

Our Paladin family had ties to each of these men. Many of our members crossed paths with Nicholas and Eric through work. Some knew them on a personal level, outside of work. Caleb’s girlfriend is a member of our gym family, as is one of his former teachers.

As CrossFitters, one way we pay our respects to the fallen is by doing a workout. We perform what is generally a very challenging workout meant to be a symbolic gesture of respect and gratitude for the protectors we’ve lost.

It’s time to reflect on the person. It’s time to sit in a little pain. It’s a way to acknowledge and ensure that while these heroes are gone, they are not forgotten. They will be remembered for their service and sacrifice. We will have an opportunity to sweat and suffer in honor of these men, to pay our respects the best way we know how. For some it will provide an opportunity for spiritual and emotional release, a chance to work through and maybe even let go of a tiny bit of the pain that could be hanging on tight inside.


On Sunday, March 1st we will be paying tribute to these men with 3 workouts created in their honor. Please join us at CrossFit Paladin at noon if you’d like to participate in this memorial WOD.


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