Memorial WOD, March 1, 2020

Please join us on Sunday, March 1st starting at noon. We have many members with connections to these men, and this an opportunity for us to honor the heroes and support their families and friends.

If we have a large turnout we will stay until everyone has had a chance to complete the workouts. The workouts are listed below. They are designed to be done with a partner, but can be adjusted for 1 person. We will rotate through the workouts, starting no more than 3 pairs in any one spot (due to equipment needs). If we have more than 9 pairs, we will feed teams in as we are able. Feel free to wear a vest if you are willing and able.

279 Burpees
1042m row
Partners will alternate (P1 works while P2 rests, switch, etc), chipping away at all the burpees first, then completing the row. They can switch as often or as little as they choose.

Officer Nicholas Reyna served with the Lubbock Police Department for 1 year. He lost in life while responding to a call on 1/11/2020. Nicholas Reyna is survived by his wife, Christina, and their one year old daughter, as well as his parents and 4 siblings. His badge number was 279, and according to his academy class coordinator “he hated burpees”. 1042m row is to signify his end of tour.

Rest 5:00

10 rounds for time:
1 rope climb
11 cal bike
20 Double unders
15 DB step-ups 24/20″, one DB 50/35
Partner 1 will complete one full round, then partner 2 will complete one full round. Partners will alternate rounds until 10 total rounds have been completed.

Lieutenant Eric Hill served with the City of Lubbock Fire Department for 10 years. He was 39 years old when his life was cut short on 1/11/20 while responding to a call. He leaves behind 2 children and a fiance. In addition to being a firefighter and paramedic, Eric was a member of the World Series Roping Association. The use of ropes and the bike are a tribute to his participation in team roping. The 15 step-ups are for Station 15, and climbing stairs (step-ups) are a familiar exercise among firefighters.

Rest 5:00

19:00 AMRAP
Buy in: 2000m run w/ DB 40/25 (in 200m increments, partners exchange the dumbbell, then run)
Then in remaining time:
1 Power snatch 185/125
20 box jumps
Partners will alternate turns on the snatch each round, split the rest of the work as they choose.

Private 2nd Class Caleb Smither was a paratrooper with Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne Division. He lost his life on 1/21/2020, he was 19 years old. In addition to running, he also loved push-ups. His awards and decorations include the National Defense Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Army Parachutist Badge, commonly referred to as “Jump Wings”. Caleb is survived by his mother, Heather E. Baker and husband Robert Baker; sisters, Claire E. Smither and Raelie Baker; brother, Zechariah Baker; Father, Jonathan Smither; grandmother, Martha Adams and grandfather, George W. Jackson; grandparents, David and Anita Smither; grandparents, Will and Ann Baker.


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