Member Spotlight Monday: Michelle Dodgin

We are starting a new thing at CrossFit Paladin called Member Spotlight Monday! Our first member to be featured is Michelle Dodgin. We asked some questions, and here are her answers!

Michelle Dodgin. photo: Courtney Harville

Q: What brought you to CrossFit Paladin in the first place? 

A: My husband

Q: What was your first impression? How has it changed? 

A: I was nervous because I had never lifted weights that much. Most of my workout consisted of running or some type of cardio and body weight exercises. I was worried about my form and getting the movements down correctly. After about 6 months I started to notice that I really enjoyed lifting and I became addicted to the high of getting better and better each week.

Q: What was one of your your first “bright spots” (big accomplishment you were proud of)?

A: A Kipping handstand pushup

Q: What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Paladin?

A: I love that there is always room to grow. I don’t think I will ever master every movement so it constantly gives me something to keep working on and striving to get better and better. That means I don’t get bored or complacent

Q: Favorite CrossFit Movement:

A: I actually love doing pull ups even though I’m not very good at them. I also enjoy kettlebell movements.

Q: Least favorite CrossFit movement:

A: Overhead squats/snatches have been my least favorite since I started but since my shoulder injury and being forced to really focus on form and technique I am starting to enjoy them a little more.

Q: What is going to be your next bright spot (next big accomplishment you’re working toward)? 

A: Getting A couple of strict pull ups

Q: What is your favorite meal after a hard workout?

A: Grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli or asparagus

Q: Tell us about your family (spouse,kids,pets,etc.)

A: My husband’s name is Shaun and I have two handsome boys; Braeden (17) and Brice (15). I am now the shortest person in our house. We have two dogs and 5 chickens.

Q: What kind of job do you have?

A: I am a registered EEG tech at UMC. I basically stare at people’s brainwaves all day.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: We are a very outdoors family so we love to go camping/hiking. We love to travel and go to the beach as often as we can.

You can generally find Michelle working out in one of the the evening classes or one of our specialty clinics- this woman loves to challenge herself and improve!

Michelle, thank you so much for sharing a little bit about yourself!


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