Melissa G’s Story

We could not be happier that Melissa Garcia chose us for her gym family. She is such a beautiful human being, inside and out. It has been such a joy to watch her progress over the years. Like SO MANY, Melissa was nervous and didn’t know if she could do the workouts when she first started. But she took a chance. She consistently shows up, puts in the work, and gets a little better each day. That’s all it takes! Before you know it, you are a totally different person, with more strength- physical and mental- than you ever knew possible. Melissa is always looking to be the best version of herself, and we couldn’t be more proud of her. Here’s her story in her own words:

“Prior to joining CrossFit Paladin, I had been somewhat active as an adult. I am a mom of 2 and have always worked full time, so it’s been a struggle to find a good time to get to a gym. The gym I was a part of had a few group classes I would attend. I saw some results, as in I lost a few pounds but was never able to keep the weight off. I was never the type of person to walk into the gym on my own and hit the weights or get on a treadmill.. It just didn’t motivate me so I got discouraged. I gained a lot of bad eating habits and before I knew it I was at the heaviest I had ever been. Throw in a separation and my bad habits became life threatening. I knew I needed a change. I truly believe finding CrossFit Paladin was a blessing. A friend invited me to try it out one day. At first I was hesitant or to be honest ashamed of my physical state. But, I went. After my first class,I knew I found a place that was real and honestly cared about my well being. I have a crazy schedule, so best thing about CrossFit Paladin is that I can walk in for a class that fits my schedule and start and finish on time. I don’t have to put together a workout, it is already there for me. The coaches are super helpful and they are there during the entire workout encouraging you. You’re are not alone. This place is not just a gym, its a community. We are all doing the same or a modification of the workout and when it gets tough, someone is there to route you on. I can’t say how many awesome people I have met. Members that I now call FRIENDS. On top of all of that, they promote a healthy lifestyle. I learned how to view food in a healthy way. Almost 4 years later I have kept off almost 30 pounds and love the healthy foods I eat now. I will never walk into a gym where the greeters don’t know my name. I belong to a place where the coaches and members know me, my journey and my family.” 


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