May 2019 Gold Star Club

I suppose we’ve waited long enough to find out May’s club… I mean, some of you have already qualified for June!

We had a pretty long list in May, and that’s awesome. There’s always so many things to spread our time between at the end of the school year, so way to get those visits in!

Rebecca Gonzales 21
Roy Mitsuoka 19
Erica Clark 19
Amanda Chacon 19
Kayla Balko 18
Dustin Wimmer 18
John Salter 18
Jim Dukatnik 18
Sarah Burleson 17
Paula Mercer 17
Melissa Garcia 17
Erika Barrios 16
Chris Vaughan 16
Nathan Lashaway 16
Keely Hamman 16
Diana Smith 16

The winner of our monthly drawing is… Paula Mercer!!! She will have her choice of a 30 min PT session, a Driven Whey protein or BCAA, or a Chipotle gift card!

Congrats to Paula and the rest of you on the list!!!


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