May 2018 Gold Star Club, with a new twist!!

Congrats to the following members on obtaining that highly coveted Gold Star status for May! Read below to find out details on a new twist to the Gold Star Club (hint: it’s about to get highly coveteder… I know that’s not a word, but trust me- it’s appropriate in this case).

The following members had 20 or more visits during the month of May:

Becca Gonzales- 40 visits

John Salter- 24 visits

Diana Smith- 22 visits

Erika Barrios- 21 visits

Sam Howland- 20 visits

Kim Hayes- 20 visits

Erica Clark- 20 visits


Now for the exciting news! Each month we will draw one winner from the members that made the club. The winner will receive a gift card to somewhere awesome like Starbucks, Chipotle, Alamo- you get the idea. This month’s winner is…

Sam Howland! Congrats to Sam, and everybody that made the club! Let’s get more next month!

Remember, checking in to class when you arrive at the gym will help ensure you get credit for all of your visits.



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