March 2018 Gold Star Club

This month’s numbers are a little off due to the system switch-over, and the Open. Many of you have visits during the group Open times that aren’t accounted for in the attendance tracker. So I’ve decided that for March only, anyone that participated in the Open and had 16 or more visits will get that gold star! The Gold Star members this month are…


Jenny Balko- 32 (+open)

Becca Gonzales- 25 (+open)

Erika Barrios- 23 (+open)

Cameron Smith- 21

Roy Mitsuoka- 21

Erica Clark- 21

Nathan Lashaway- 19 (+open)

Diana Smith- 18 (+open)

Maira Gonzalez- 17 (+open)

Bailey Pittman- 16 (+open)


Congrats to all, and let’s see how many of you can hit 20 visits in April!!

Remember to check in to class every time you come into the gym!

(However, you do not need to check in to back-to-back classes. For example, do not check into both 4:30pm and 5:30pm, just one or the other, and preferably the one you participate in the class.)


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