July Gold Star Club

Holy moly, you guys didn’t let the limited class times stop you from making Gold Star Club last month! We had 14 people meet the qualifications!! Pretty sure that’s a PR…

Just to refresh your memory, July’s rule was 15 visits AND log 3 workouts between July 9th and 14th (or just get the usual 20…), and here is the list of those that made it, and qualified for the drawing to win a gift card to Chipotle:


Melissa Garcia- 28 visits

Becca Gonzales- 25 visits

Erika Barrios- 21 visits

Travis DeBock- 21 visits

Keely Hamman- 20 visits

Kim Hayes- 20 visits

Andrey Mendoza- 20 visits

Nathan Brown- 20 visits

Hallie Bertrand- 16 visits

Dustin Wimmer- 16 visits

Sam Howland- 16 visits

Steve Bryant- 15 visits

Carey Dayton- 15 visits

Mikela Bryant- 15 visits


And the winner of the Chipotle gift card is….

Erika Barrios!! Congrats to her, and congrats to all of you on this list for making fitness a priority in one of the toughest months to do so!!

Let’s see if we can get 15 people on the list in August and hit another PR!


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