“It’s Too Intimidating…”

Our mission at CrossFit Paladin is to be the place everyday people become the fittest, healthiest, most confident version of themselves.

We want to inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

We want to educate the community on simple methods to reaching full potential.

We want to teach people how to thrive in the face of challenges, to seek out opportunities for growth, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because this is what prepares us for all that life may throw our way.

We know that taking the first step is daunting. I’ve heard some version of the same phrases hundreds of times- it’s intimidating, I’m not at that level, I wouldn’t be able to do that… They see someone performing a pull-up, or running with a smile on their face, or doing who-knows-what-that’s-even-called and say “wow, I can’t believe how good they are, I could never do something like that!”

But every once in a while, one of those people pushes the fear aside just long enough to give it a try.

Those that take the leap, those few brave souls that feel completely terrified, out of place, overwhelmed, and incapable, but go for it anyway because the thought of continuing down the same road they’ve been on is almost just as scary- wouldn’t you know it, little by little they learn they ARE capable, they CAN do it, they are STRONG.

They often find something in themselves they didn’t even know existed. They gain confidence. They actually look forward to exercise. They learn how to fuel their body with healthy food.

Soon they become the person that the outsider is referencing, the person new people look with at admiration when first walking into our gym. They are now the person that just might provide a spark of inspiration for someone else that wants and needs to make a change, but doesn’t think they can.

That’s one of the many things I love about what I do for a living. Seeing the change in people, and seeing it over and over. Seeing how positively it impacts their home life, the healthy habits start in their family. Their children now look at proper nutrition and exercise as a way of life, something we as humans just do, instead of something the family talks about needing to do every once in a while but never actually follows through.

Take the leap! It’s never as scary as our minds make it out to be. In fact, it’s actually more fun than most people every thought they could have working out…

While I’ll acknowledge that CrossFit was once intimidating to me as well, I am so glad I didn’t let that stand in the way. Without getting out of my comfort zone and taking that leap, my life would be completely different. I would have missed out on so many amazing moments. I wouldn’t have realized my inner strength. I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people. I would probably still be a very shy, introverted women that was more concerned about not being good enough than about trying to be healthy and set a positive example for my children.

It just takes a few moments of courage to change your whole life for the better.

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