Is CrossFit Safe for Older Adults?

Planning to do CrossFit when you are already an older adult?

Will it be safe for you?

Let’s learn from an older adult’s remarkable experience as he discovers the secrets to fitness.

Steve Bryant is a 66-year-old regular gym visitor. And upon going to the gym, he didn’t progress in his fitness and finds it too boring.

Not until he discovered CrossFit.

Crossfit has given him a lot of function, including strength.

He also encountered challenges in CrossFit. And he never experienced these before in a regular gym.

“As you get better at CrossFit, you build muscle. And as you build muscle, you build weight. And as you build weight, you build it harder for yourself to do the movements.”

Steve enjoys being in a CrossFit community. He appreciates all the members, especially the coaches.

He learned how important it is to have a coach.

“I brag on CrossFit Paladin because the coaching is so consistent. It’s so prevalent…in CrossFit, there’s always another way to get started on that movement. That’s why you need a coach. Because the coach can help you work through that.”

If you are afraid of doing CrossFit as an older adult, then you should reconsider doing so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be healthy and fit for your family, friends, and other people around you? And for sure, they will also feel happy for you.

“You’re never too old to take responsibility for your fitness and do something about it….are you afraid of success? CrossFit will give you success.”

If it’s for your fitness, why not take a risk? 

There are LOTS of benefits you can get as an older adult in strength training.

Remember that CrossFit doesn’t require any number. Not too young or too old to begin with.


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