When we talk about health and nutrition, a lot of people default to seeing things in black and white. It’s easy to start categorizing food and movement as good or bad, and this kind of nuanced thinking can project negative ideas about exercise and healthy eating to our children. How can we show our children that making good lifestyle choices is something they can enjoy and integrate into their own lives?

In this podcast episode, Erica Clark, who has been a CrossFit Paladin member since 2016, talks about her experience. Married with three children, she discusses how being a member and undergoing nutrition coaching with Melissa Koenig helped her instill proper health and nutrition in her children’s minds.

“We don’t want them to have a negative view of exercising and eating healthy, but that was something that I was worried about with starting this stuff. I didn’t want them to think, ‘Mommy doesn’t ever have what we eat.’”

We know that children normally imitate what they see from the people surrounding them, and if you’re setting a good example with the things you do and the food you consume, they will follow suit. We have to make sure that we are modeling good habits that stem from a good mindset. Nutrition is more than calories or weight loss, more than carbs and proteins and fats:

“Real nutrition is about giving our body the fuel it needs to run its best, whether that’s our brain for thinking, the rest of the body for moving, or just normal functions such as breathing, repairing, and body filtering out toxins and all that kind of stuff.” – Erica Clark

If you want to learn more about the challenges that Erica went through in her children’s nutrition journey, and the wisdom she gained along the way, this episode is for you!

Shownotes:Are You What You Eat? I DK Publishing


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