I Could Get Fit, But I Don’t Have Time

“If you don’t make time, time will be taken from you.”

PN Coaching

There will ALWAYS be something that fills your time if you aren’t intentional about carving that space out for your goals. Life is hectic. We are always looking forward to that magical time when “things will slow down.”

​But what you must know- aside from some short term sprints for obligations that require immediate attention and action (such as yearly deadlines, one particularly full week of meetings and appointments, or a life change such as moving or starting a new job, you will likely never suddenly find yourself with a bunch of extra time.

​It’s not a coincidence that this quote is taken from the beginning of a new course I’m taking. I had already been questioning why I signed up for it- I don’t have time right now! But as any fitness coach knows- I must make time for the goals I want to achieve! So when I read this yesterday during my scheduled 10 minutes of learning time, I knew I was doing what I needed to in order to achieve my next goal- even if it’s just 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes is better than no minutes, and over time- it will add up!

​The best part? Fitness and nutrition goals are the SAME WAY. You don’t have to start with hours in the gym and kitchen… Just shoot for 10 minutes and see where that takes you! Before you know it, you’ll be up to 30 minutes or even more! And THAT will add up and you will see your progress. Consistency is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. So ask yourself- what is one small step I can commit to that will get me heading in the right direction, and then TAKE THAT STEP!


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