How to Lose Fat “Here”

Over the years, I’ve spoken with dozens of clients looking to lose fat “right here.” The “right here” could be just about any point on the body, the most common areas being the belly, the hips/butt, and under the upper arms.

I can tell you exactly how to lose fat in all of those parts, and anywhere else.

But we need to understand something first: You can’t actually target fat loss in a specific part of the body. Now, I know you’ve seen ads for all kinds of products that say things like “burn away belly fat” or “tone your legs,” but these are just empty promises. No magic tea, pill, lotion, potion, or wrap can target fat loss in one place.

The honest truth is that you must use fitness (exercise + nutrition) to reduce overall body fat. If you want to lose some belly fat- you will need to lose fat across the board, so to speak. But, when you start losing overall body fat, you’ll notice you’ve lost it in your problem areas, too!

You can accelerate and amplify the process by building a little muscle. Fear not- we aren’t talking bulky bodybuilder muscle. We’re talking about small increases from functional movements. You won’t ever suddenly become huge and “bulky”, but that’s a myth I will bust another time.

Our Proven Fat-Loss Program

How do you lose body fat and build muscle?  There are several ways to do it. I’ll cover how we do it, and I promise- if you follow the plan, IT WILL WORK. (Feel free to ask our clients or read our testimonials and #transformationtuesday posts)

We use a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. That doesn’t mean we just do 30 minutes of “cardio” (like running), or lift weights for five sets of 10 reps. We create a program that is perfectly designed to help our clients accomplish their goals.

Sometimes we will mix traditional cardio movements with a strength element. Sometimes we will do one, or the other. But most often, it will be an expertly designed workout that makes it tough for the average person to know if the focus of the workout is strength or cardio (hint: it’s both!)

The result? You get stronger and build a bit of muscle. You burn calories and fat. Do this consistently, and you’ll begin to see changes in your body- you’ll notice some definition, your clothes will fit better. Of course you won’t suddenly have 6-pack abs. But you will see progress, both in how your body looks and feels, and in your workout log!

And let’s not forget a very important piece of the puzzle- diet. When you add a proper nutrition program to the mix, you might be shocked at what can happen! We can help guide you on how to eat to fuel your workouts and establish healthy nutrition habits, as well.

So, if you have a “spot” you want to lose some fat, come in and talk with us. We will create a plan for you and tell you exactly how you can lose fat everywhere!

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