How to Get Started, Pt 3- Show Up

This week I’ve explained the process of how to get started with us in detail. You can read part 1 and part 2 by clicking here and here.

The third step to getting started in simple: Show up. We’ll take it from there.

Although it’s simple, it may be the hardest step of the 3. You may be nervous. You may have a busy schedule. Kids. Family. Friends. Work. Pets. Projects. All of these things have the potential to stand in your way and keep you from reaching your goals.

But I’m going to share a secret. You get to decide if you’re going to let the obstacles, or let’s just call them what they are- excuses, stop you from becoming the person you want to be.

Here’s the hard truth: We are all busy. Almost any given day an excuse can easily be found to not show up and do the work. The people who reach their health and fitness goals are the ones who live like their health and fitness is a priority. The ones who look at their schedule for the week and see which days they already have a conflict so they can make plans to come to a different class, or set the other days as non-negotiable workout days. They come at 5:30am if they must. Perhaps they show up at 6:50pm for the 6:30pm class, because late is better than not making it. Sometimes they even say “no” to something if that thing is going to keep them from making it to the gym and it doesn’t fit with the vision they have for their future. These people also tend to meal prep so they don’t have an excuse to eat poorly during the week, and it takes away the excuse of missing a workout because they had to go to the store and get something for dinner.

You don’t just fall into a new you. It doesn’t just happen. You have to make a conscious effort to do the things a fit person does.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying you need to become self-obsessed and self absorbed, and only care about your fitness and nutrition. But I am saying that you can find an hour in your day to push excuses aside, show up, and do the work required to change the trajectory of your future. That’s not so hard. We have many members that do just that. And if you do it more days than you don’t, you’ll be amazed at what happens in a few months.

We also make it easier by checking in with you every step of the way. We will often check just to see how class is going, or to sit down and see if you’ve made progress toward your goals, and see what new goals you have! You aren’t in it alone, we will help you as much as possible. You just have to show up.


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