How to Get Started, Pt 2- Pick Your Plan

Yesterday I wrote about the 3 steps to getting started with us. Then I went into a little more detail about step 1: Free Intro.

Today, I’ll cover Step 2: Pick your plan.

We have several different options to help members achieve their goals.
Personal Training
On Ramp Course
Group classes
Nutrition coaching
Online Coaching
And we even have Kid’s Classes!

Personal training is a great option for people that have very specific training goals, have never trained before (or it’s been a while), or have physical limitations or concerns such as a history of back problems. The trainer can tailor the program exactly to your needs, and you have their full attention throughout the session. Another reason people sometimes choose personal training is the ability to have more flexibility in scheduling. You don’t have to find a class time that works for you, just a time that works for you and your trainer!

Our On Ramp Course is actually a personal training package, but a shorter duration. This course is 5 sessions long, and it will teach you many of the foundational movements that are common in our Group classes. This course is perfect to introduce people to our gym, get them comfortable with the movements and terms we use, and the graduates of the course feel better prepared to join Group classes.

Group Class is our most popular fitness option, for many reasons. For starters, it’s fun! We play and laugh as hard as we work. We build friendships and support systems. We use the people in class to inspire us to keep going and set new goals. There’s also something reassuring about tackling a challenging workout with other people.

Nutrition coaching is very important. There is so much confusion, so many myths around the world of nutrition that it can be incredibly overwhelming to just try and eat healthy. I mean, what does that even mean?! One website says I should avoid fat, another says carbs are the root of all evil, and then there everything in between! Here’s the real truth- there is no one “right” diet for everyone. Sure, there are some general guidelines that most people would do well to follow- avoid soda, drink more water, limit fast food intake. But beyond those basics, nutrition is best approached on an individual level and in a way that focuses on building healthy habits that can be sustained long term, and that’s what we do. We have several members that add nutrition coaching to their fitness membership, but we also have people that come to us strictly for nutrition coaching.

Online Coaching is one of our newer offerings. We had been working on putting it together, and then COVID hit and sped up the process! This is a great option for people that have a bit of equipment at home, want to work out on their time, but need some guidance and feedback as far as a safe and effective program and movement analysis. We use an app to deliver the programming that’s been customized for the member based on their goals and equipment, and then the member can upload their results, notes, and even video of them performing the workout for feedback. We also have Online Nutrition Coaching as an option, too!

You might choose just one, or you may want to combine 2 or more of the above options to optimize your plan and reach your goals faster.

Depending on your goals and your current situation, we will recommend the best choice for you. We don’t have a cookie cutter program, we customize the plan for each individual. That leads to success.

For example, if your goal is to lose 100 pounds, and you haven’t worked out in 10 years, starting with group classes would likely be very overwhelming and it wouldn’t address the nutrition aspect that needs to be improved. People in this scenario often quit after just a couple classes. However, if we recommend personal training to start learning how to move properly in a one-on-one setting, and individual nutrition coaching to start creating healthy nutrition habits, all while building a relationship with your coach that provides accountability- imagine the progress! In this example, perhaps the cost of both personal training and nutrition coaching is just too high for the client. I would then recommend they start with nutrition coaching first, and once they’ve made some progress there we’ll reassess and see if now would be a good time to start training.

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I won’t recommend things just to make a buck. I will recommend the best possible solution to your problem. If that’s not feasible, we will figure out the next best solution. Our number one priority is your success.

That’s Step 2 in a nutshell! Tomorrow- we’ll dive into Step 3.


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