How to Find Workout Motivation

Everyone knows working out is a good thing.

It’s common knowledge. But, the majority of the population doesn’t work out. Why?

One reason- because working out means work, and if you aren’t motivated it can be hard to talk yourself into doing something that’s challenging.

If you are motivated, however, you’ll have a much easier time getting after a program. So, how the heck do you find motivation?

We have the secret, and it has 2 parts: Focus on your goals, and rely on a coach for guidance.

How to Accomplish those goals

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend all your hard earned money on clothes, shoes, electronics, and other fun stuff? Heck yes it would! But, you don’t because you have other goals, such as paying your bills, going on a vacation, building your savings, etc. You’re motivated, so you stay on track and stick to the plan.

Fitness is no different. If you have goals, you’ll be motivated to work toward them. But here’s the catch: if you don’t see progress, you’ll quit.

Financial goals are pretty easy to track because you just focus on the numbers. But for most people, tracking fitness goals is much more difficult. But we can help! We’ll help you figure out your specific goals, both short term and long term, show you how to measure them, and how to track your progress. And we will celebrate all the small wins along the way!

That brings us to the second part of the secret: rely on a coach.

Once you’ve figured out your goals, you’ll need a plan. We’ve got you covered. Want to lose 25 pounds? We can tell you exactly how to do it. Want to get stronger? We have a program. Want to improve your endurance or mobility? Yep, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Our coaches can give you a map for how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. And we break it down into manageable steps so you can pick up wins (and motivation) along the way.

We will lead you through fun, effective workouts geared toward helping you make progress toward each of your goals.

A big bonus: we offer the option to workout one on one with a coach, or in a group setting. Some people love the devoted attention of personal training. Some thrive in the energy found in our supportive group classes. But the choice is yours!

Now that we’ve let you in on the secret to motivation, you only have one thing left to do: Get started! You can do that by clicking here and setting an appointment to come and meet with me, we will discuss your goals, and I’ll give you the map to reach them, motivation included!


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