How CrossFit Changed People’s Lives

Nowadays, many people want to achieve a healthy and fit body. Hence, CrossFit has become one of the trends over the past years.

Why do people join CrossFit?

Well, to join the trend? Or they probably want to lose weight? Or… maybe they simply just want to have a healthy lifestyle.

Have you seen or tried entering a CrossFit gym? Thinking about CrossFit, you might say, “Oh, that’s for guys and a bunch of people who want to show off”. If you’re thinking this way, I think you have to see for yourself and experience it firsthand.

The usual expectation was CrossFit is mainly for men doing intense things such as heavy squatting, pull-ups, and handstands. However, remember that we are already living in the 21st century!!! The things that men can do, women can keep up with them! Eradicate your doubts! Enter a gym and see that there are plenty of women and men who encourage one another in overcoming the struggles towards being healthy and fit.

Sharing a common goal towards fitness, suffering together happily, and building a relationship that’s raised and molded by passion. Isn’t it kind of magical???

Is it hard? Is it worth it? We’ll never know until we try.

There are times that we doubt and sometimes feel afraid of doing new things. Nevertheless, going out of your comfort zone for the sake of your health might be all worth it, isn’t it?

Let’s all get a good workout and achieve a healthy and fit body!

Be healthy and fit! Let’s do CrossFit!!!


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