Have You Heard About ATP?

What is ATP? Well, first of all it’s an acronym for Advanced Training Program. Second, it’s programming we offer for those looking to compete in CrossFit, or even just have a little something extra to work on a couple days each week.

The benefit of this program is that it is developed with our regular group class program in mind. This way you don’t end up overtraining certain muscles or movements (overtraining can lead to injuries), and the workouts work together, instead of against each other. This is why ATP (and any accessory work prescribed by one of our coaches) is the only extra programming we allow to be performed in the gym. It’s just the safest and most effective way to train those extras.

Each week has 5 days worth of extra work. Thursdays are generally considered a rest day, therefore there is no ATP programmed on Thursdays. Same goes for Sunday.

What are the workouts like?

Any given week of ATP will include a mix of strength focused workouts (squats, deadlifts, bench, snatch, etc.), gymnastics, monostructural movements (think rowing, bike, running, and jump rope), and of course a mix of all of these. Sometimes the workouts will have very challenging workouts and weights because they are designed to challenge competitive athletes. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t easily be scaled to an appropriate level for you!

For example, here is a day from this coming week:

-Build to a heavy single for the day

3 Rounds for Quality:
10 Strict HS push ups
15 Strict Ring Dips
20 Deficit push ups
30 Strict pull ups
-Strict means there is no bend in the hip or knee throughout the movement.

You’ll see there are notes for the day (about what type of “strict” movement we are after. You’ll also see that this can be scaled to something like Strict HSPU to an AbMat, or box HSPU. Ring dips can be scaled to use band, be performed on the matador, or done as box dips. The deficit push-ups can be done as any difficult push-up version. And the pull-ups can be scaled by using a band or performing ring rows. The total number of reps can also be scaled! And the fact that this is not for time, but for quality makes it such a great opportunity to dial in your form.

I will probably be sure I do this workout, because it’s one that will help me work on my weaknesses and get me closer to some of my goals. Which leads to the next question you might be wondering about…

Do I Have to do All the Workouts?

No. Definitely not! That would be extremely difficult for most of us that have life outside the gym. But that doesn’t mean ATP can’t be extremely valuable for you! I usually pick 1-3 of the ATP workouts to do each week. I base my choices around my goals, what class workouts I’ve done, the time I have available, and how my body is feeling (some weeks just take it out of you more than others). Since lifting/strength is something I’m always trying to work on, the lifting focused days are generally on my list. From there, I’ll look at the rest of the workouts planned and see if there’s one that a) will help me work on my weaknesses, or b) looks really fun. Yep- it’s ok to do a workout because it looks fun 😉

Just that little bit of extra work each week helps me make progress in the areas I’m wanting to make progress in, even though I don’t do all of the extra workouts.

When Do I Do These Workouts?

They can be done during any of our class times- just be sure to communicate your plans with the coach to avoid any equipment/space issues, stay out of the way of class and make sure they have a good class experience (you know- try to avoid slamming your weights around or sprinting on the Assault Bike while coach is trying to give instructions). You can also do them during our 5:30am open gym time on Wednesdays. Members will often come in 30 minutes before the 5:30pm or 6:30pm class times to do the extra work, or stay after the 4:30pm or 5:30pm class and knock it out.

Ok, this sounds awesome but it’s probably super expensive…

Actually, it’s pretty darn affordable. Members can add this on to their group class membership for $25/month. Now, we do recommend that you have a good foundation before starting ATP. These workouts are done aside from class, so there isn’t a coach to walk you through every step of the workout (of course you can ask a question or two, just remember that their primary focus is the regularly scheduled group class).

If you think this is for you- sign up here: https://crossfitpaladin.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/1jc2

If you are really curious, but not sure if it’s for you- just shoot me an email (melissa@crossfitpaladin.com ) or ask me when you see me!


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