Erica’s Transformation

“This summer will mark our four year anniversary with CrossFit Paladin!  Prior to CrossFit, I worked out from home using DVDs or just found ideas on Pinterest.  It often got monotonous and I didn’t push myself very hard.  I was nervous about starting CrossFit because it seemed intimidating.  My husband, Sean, started a couple months before I did and hearing about how he was enjoying it, I finally decided to give it a try.  I couldn’t do a pull-up, push-up, handstand push-up, rope climb or lift very heavy, but there were modifications for every one of those movements that gradually started to increase my abilities.   It wasn’t until last September, when Sean and I participated in the gym’s nutrition challenge, that I really started to see a huge jump in my performance and improvement in my body composition.  My main hurdle has always been nutrition, but I have made great strides mentally and emotionally in my relationship with food.  Melissa and CrossFit Paladin have been the only resources that have ever helped me truly understand the importance of fueling my body in the best way.  I have been taught and given the tools I need to know how to properly balance my macronutrients and utilizing that fuel in my workouts.  As a 36 year-old mother of three, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I’m now able to do all of those movements I mentioned before that I couldn’t do when I started.  I’m so proud of that.  CrossFit has been the most challenging, most rewarding, health, wellness, and fitness lifestyle I have ever experienced.  I love it.  I love working out with Sean and our friends, the encouragement of the Paladin community, and the accountability from the coaching staff.”   -Erica C.

We could not be more proud of Erica and her progress. She came to us with an open mind and willingness to learn and grow, and now she’s an inspiration to others!

Melissa Koenig


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