CrossFit with Coach Jennie Deignan

CrossFit is a fitness craze that has taken over gyms not just in the United States, but almost everywhere in the world. It does not only mean improving your body physically, but also your nutrition, sleeping habits, mental aspect, and discipline. Moreover, CrossFit coaches are often athletes too! So, what does it mean to be a Crossfit coach with athletic experience? Read on to find out more!

Coach Jennie grew up an athlete, played sports throughout college, and then joined the Marine Corps as an officer right out of college. She began CrossFit in 2018, and has now become a coach and enrolled in a Physical Therapy program.

As a coach with CrossFit experience, she has seen the benefits of being able to work out with others. Going to the gym by yourself can be tedious, and you may be unsure of which exercises are best for your body type but with CrossFit, there is always someone nearby who has been in your shoes before and will gladly assist you. CrossFit’s community aspect distinguishes it from other gyms because everyone knows each other’s names! She’s the type of coach who wants to be able to shape that mindset for someone else and help them meet where they’re good at and get their movement to become better. Coach Jennie has always been drawn to assisting others in performing and doing better.

Part of the positive perception of CrossFit is where people see someone who kind of walks the walk and talks the talk and is really mindful of what they’re doing with their own lives.

Coach Jennie believes that those who ask questions about CrossFit, even if they are completely opposed to it, should immerse themselves in it for a short period of time. Simply try it, whether it’s taking a class, talking to someone, conducting your own research, or whatever way it is. Simply be more open to it and give it a shot; if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but it could be something that sticks with you and literally changes your life.


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