CrossFit Paladin Weekly Challenge #2

Last week’s challenge was a success! So many of you participated and moved your bodies, got some sunshine, and some fresh air! Even if you didn’t quite get the 10 miles, you still did wonders for your mind and body, and that was the goal.

The winner of a gift card to Picoso’s is…. Yessie!! Congrats to her, and to everybody that got a little more fitness this week.

Our challenge for this week is simple (not easy, of course): accumulate 30 minutes in a plank.

This is a great exercise to build core strength, and core strength is incredibly important to our health and fitness.

The rules:

  1. Only time spent in an active plank counts toward the 30 minutes. Rest time does not count.
  2. Typical face-down plank. it can be on forearms or hands.
  3. Send time-lapse videos or pictures of you doing your planks, along with a log of your time (doesn’t need to be super detailed, can be as simple as “Mon- 3:00, Tues- 7:00,…”)
  4. Planks within a workout count.
  5. Submit your entry by 9:00am Sunday morning (May 3rd). Entries can be submitted on the post in our private members’ group, or you can text it to me.

We hope to have just as many participants this week as we did last week, if not more!

We will do another drawing for a gift card to a local restaurant next Sunday. If you complete the challenge and submit your entry by midnight next Saturday, you’re name will be entered into the drawing!

Be sure to keep us updated on your progress, share it on social media (you just might inspire someone to work on their fitness)!

And for all of you that discovered you might kind of like running after all, don’t worry- it will likely make another appearance…



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