Core Clinic

Time to Get Hard CORE!

Get registered for this must-take course! The core is the foundation of all strength. The majority of our movements in CrossFit are core-to-extremity ordered. The best athletes in the world have unreal core strength. The 95 year old that still lives independently likely has good core strength. 

When you think about the core, many think “abs”. While the abdominal muscles are considered core muscles, they are just one part. Your core includes other muscles/muscle groups such as pelvic floor, obliques, erector spinae, trapezius (traps), latissimus dorsi (lats), even gluteus maximus. Basically, if it’s not a muscle on an appendage, there’s a good chance it’s considered part of the “core”.

So, now that you’re armed with some new information, go ahead and sign up for this clinic so you can get to work on strengthening all those muscles! Register here:  

Space is limited, sign up now! Saturday, February 15th at 11:00am.


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