Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

We have several options to take advantage of as we enter the holiday season! Below is a list of specials we have, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you or someone you know…

  1. 60 minute or 30 minute personal training packs. You can get five 30 minute sessions for $199, which is a savings of $26 ($36 starting January 1st…). You can also get twelve 1-hour sessions for $660, a savings of $120 ($180 starting January 1st…). PT sessions are great for so many reasons. You get one-on-one time with a trainer to focus on anything you want! Want to work on getting pull-ups or a muscle-up, improve your lifting, or maybe your schedule doesn’t work well with the class schedule? PT is perfect for all of those! It’s also great for people that just like the finer things in life… PT is like the luxury car of fitness training, and with good reason. Focused attention and workouts leads to fast results! You have 6 months to use your sessions, and you can gift them to someone if you choose! Buy five 30-minute sessions here: (bonus: this can be used for our On Ramp course…). Buy twelve 60-minute sessions here:
  2. Buddy On Ramp for $269.99. This is perfect for you and a friend that want to get started with a healthier lifestyle! This is a 5 session, one-on-one (well, two-on-one since you’re buddy will be there too) course created to introduce you to some of the most common movements we use in group classes, learn some of the lingo, and get comfortable with these new workouts! Once complete, you will be ready to go into group classes, or you can choose to continue with the one-on-one training. The cost of this program breaks down to $135 per person. Our 1 person On Ramp is $209, so this is a significant savings while still getting all the benefit! Click this link to buy:
  3. $9 off our Driven Nutrition Omega-3 supplement with purchase of a full-size protein! Limited to stock on hand, must come in to purchase.

These are all great deals, I hope you take advantage of them! Buy for yourself and your friends and family. What better gift than the gift of health?!


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