Become an Early Bird CrossFitter….and Like it!

Coach Hollie wrote this great blog about the benefits of getting up for the early class, and some easy tips to be successful! Check it out:

Let’s face it, mornings are hell for some of us. The sound of the alarm clock immediately
puts us in a bad mood. We already know we are in a bad mood and we need to go back to
sleep and wait until the bad mood passes.

How you wake up in the morning affects the rest of your day – diet and workouts
included. I find that if I wake up in a bad mood I am more likely to raid the fridge, be late to work,
snack on things I shouldn’t while at work and at the end of the day, I don’t want to go to my
afternoon workout. I am tired, sluggish and want to sit on the couch and be lazy.

I have realized that there are lots of people (that I try to surround myself with) that start
their day with an early morning workout. It doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal to them as I
sometimes make it out to be.

Working out in the early mornings is a mindset. Once I set my
mind to the fact that early morning workouts are what works best for me, it all began to fall into
place. The nutrition was easier, the routine was easier, I was more disciplined in all areas of my
day and most important….I started sleeping better. It was all in how I approached getting up
early and getting the work done.

Here are some advantages of an EMM (Early Morning Mindset):

1. Early Morning workouts enhance my metabolism: Get up, get moving, pump up your
metabolism and then eat.

2. A good morning routine cultivates consistency: Morning workouts don’t have
interruptions with my schedule or phone calls. I am less likely to skip out because I have
errands to run, an unexpected meeting or I had to work late. In the summer months…it’s
much cooler too!

3. Morning workouts improves my mental energy: This is a great way to start the day. I
feel more awake and ready to attack my to-do list when I workout early.

4. Early Morning workouts help create stronger self discipline: This self discipline also helps
me to achieve my fitness goals faster because I am committed to a task and once the
results are noticeable, the early mornings don’t seem so bad. This discipline spills over
into other areas of my life like nutrition, work related tasks and most importantly… my
honey do list.

5. Morning workouts help me sleep better: I find at the end of they day I am tired and ready
for a good night’s sleep. No more tossing and turning or watching the clock. I fall asleep
easier, and have more hours of restful sleep.

How to make the change:

1. Start slow: Allow yourself a few days a week to get into the habit of getting up and
getting out the door.

2. Put your alarm clock far away: Make it a chore to turn it off. That will get you up and get
you moving.

3. Don’t’ skip the warm up: Your body needs this time to wake up and get the blood flowing.

4. Get yourself an accountability partner: Having someone else to hold you accountable will
also help you get out of bed and achieve your goals. Get someone that will make you
feel guilty for not showing up. Those are the best kind of influencers.

[Melissa here, I will add 3 more tips that help me get up…

5. Set multiple alarms to go off 1 minute apart. If you’re like me and find you easily and unconsciously turn off the alarm and go back to sleep (never wake up?), set several alarms, with different sounds. I have 5 alarms scheduled on my phone for those early morning coaching sessions, but usually only need the first 3…

6. Set out your clothes the night before. Everything from shirt and shorts/pants to socks and shoes. Go ahead and prep those water bottles, and anything else you’ll need to get out the door, too.The fewer decisions I have to make in the morning, the better.

7. Set a “Go to Bed” alarm. And stick to it. Figure out what time you need to go to bed to ensure a good night’s sleep (hint: should be no later than 10:00pm), and set a reminder. Here’s the kicker though- if you disregard that reminder, time for tough self love. Get up anyway. Sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it! If you don’t let yourself use the excuse, you’ll be more likely to go to bed on time the next day😉

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Coach Hollie Stanton, Morning CrossFitter (coach/athlete)


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