4 Ways You Can Prepare for Widespread Illness (Coronavirus Edition)

As of today, we have not seen the virus impact our community. It’s likely a matter of time, and we might as well be as prepared as possible.

What can you do to prepare for coronavirus? Glad you asked! Here are a few things we can all implement to be as healthy as possible during this time.

  1. Eat your veggies! Eat a variety of veggies (and fruits) at every meal to make sure you are giving your body a wide range of vitamins and minerals to help your immune system be as strong as possible. Also be sure to get plenty of protein- it is also critical to your immune system!
  2. Exercise. Continuing to exercise while you are feeling well is a great and important practice to keep your body operating in tip-top condition. It’s important to note, however, if you do come down with an illness you’ll want to take it easy to let your body focus on recovering from the bug (instead of diverting it’s resources to help recover from workouts).
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is often overlooked, but is critical for our body. Our body and brain makes repairs while we sleep. No sleep = no repairs made. We must sleep if we want to remain healthy!
  4. Get a couple inexpensive pieces of workout equipment to keep at home in the event your gym is forced to close for a period of time. My favorites: a jump rope, 1 or 2 medium weight dumbbells, and a yoga mat. With these items, you have countless workout options. We have an amazing online coaching program that our regular members will have access to should we need to close our doors for a few weeks. This program is much more than us just posting a workout online for people to do- it will offer warm-ups, tips, video demos, scaling options based on each person’s goals and current level of fitness, and more! You can literally get all the equipment you need to hold you over for 2-4 weeks with $50-80.

So, you are now equipped with the knowledge you need to be prepared. Make sure you put it to use! And contact us at melissa@crossfitpaladin.com if you’d like more info on our online training options!


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