2018 Open Debrief

It’s hard to believe the 2018 Open has come and gone already! The Open is a big, fun event for us every year and this year was no exception. We had 42 participants this year. We broke everyone into four teams. This year we went back to the “luck of the draw” to decide teams, and it’s crazy how close each team was in performance points! But those of you that are veterans of the Paladin Open know that the performance points are just one part of the overall total.

As usual, the team with the most referrals and spirit points took the first place title, congrats to the Rowing Pains team- Kyle, Crystal S., Dustin, Bailey, Israel, Veronica, Yessie, Kayla, Michelle D., and Diana S.!!! Not only did this team kill the workouts, they also grabbed a ton of spirit points, PR points, and they had 2 friends become members of CrossFit Paladin!

Why do we award so many points for getting a friend to sign up? Because we love to help people change their health, improve their lives, and discover strength (mental and physical) they never knew they had. The best way we know how to really do that is to get them in our gym to exercise, learn about and improve nutrition, and make awesome and supportive friends that understand just how difficult but rewarding CrossFit can be. So thank you to everyone that has been able to convince a friend or family member to give this crazy thing we call CrossFit a shot!

The individual awards are always extremely difficult for us to decide, we could make a case for so many of you to win. But, we try to keep it narrowed down and choose the absolute best person for each award. This year the awards were as follows:

MVPKyle and Sarah. We did 2 MVPs again this year because both of these individuals really stuck out and did a lot for their teams and the entire Paladin Open. Kyle and Sarah both brought in a ton of performance points for their teams, but they went above and beyond. Sarah wrote all the reviews, did all the check ins, sent us lots of pictures, and cheered EVERYONE on with her awesome spirit. She spreads a positive competitive vibe that helps push people to do their best while also being happy for everyone else and their success, and that’s a wonderful character trait to have. Kyle also earned a ton of performance points for his team, did the check ins, and helped out with almost every single heat of judging we had during the course of the 5 weeks. That may not sound like a big deal, but trust me- it is. It’s exhausting and draining and time consuming. He put aside plenty of other things that probably needed to be done and made time to be at the gym for all of our group times in order to help everyone get their workouts judged in as timely a manner as possible, and often he’d do so minutes after peeling himself up off the floor… He also helped coach many members through workouts they weren’t 100% convinced they could do, and celebrated with them when they surprised themselves. Thanks to both of you for being such valuable members of our community, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

PAF (Perseverance AF, aka Heart)- This is another one that could go to so many different people, but in the end we chose Steve Bryant. He is 63 years old, and just completed his first CrossFit Open! Steve was persuaded by Shane and Mikela to give CrossFit a try after the Open last year and has worked hard ever since. He pushed himself to his limits in every Open workout this year, PRd his clean in 18.2a, and completed his first Rx open workout (18.5)! It is so wonderful to see people like Steve just work hard and enjoy the journey. In addition to that, he’s always encouraging everyone around him to do their best. He’s a great example for many of us- he gives his best effort every time, and has a great time doing it!

Grinder (aka Most Improved)- Again, this could go to so many of you! But from a coach’s perspective, Diana Smith really stood out. Although she is always in the running for MVP with all the work she puts into making the Open awesome for everyone, she has improved leaps and bounds in the last 2 years and has really come into her own this past year. She is constantly working on weaknesses, and it really showed this year. She was a serious “Rx” athlete, performing all 5 Open workouts Rxd (although she went with her scaled score for 18.4 because she didn’t feel right logging it Rx without completing a handstand push-up, which I will guarantee she will have next year), earned several top 3 placements (and points for her team), and pushed hard every single workout to do her best. Last year she did well, and managed to perform a couple of the workouts RX, but this year she didn’t just try to “survive” those Rx WODs, she attacked them! Oh, and did we mention PRs like overhead squating 80 pounds for the first time, and doing it in sets of 10? And first chest-to-bar pull-ups? Doing 100 double unders in a workout? I’m sure we could keep going, but you get the idea… Great job Diana, and we can’t wait to see what you do next year!


Some notable mentions for worldwide placement (top 500ish or better) in special categories:

Sarah B. is 512th fittest female Teacher in the world; Jenny B. is the 423rd fittest female Law Enforcement Officer in the world; Brandon B. is the 178th fittest male Registered Nurse in the world! And as for your coaches- Melissa is the 253rd fittest woman masters (age 40-44) in the world; Jasper is the 60th fittest Law Enforcement Officer male masters (35-39) in the world; and Tony is the 36th fittest Law Enforcement Officer male masters (50-54) in the world!


Thanks to everyone that signed up for the Open this year, you all help make it what it is. We had such a great time again this year, and any of you that were on the fence about participating and decided not to- don’t think twice about it next year! Come see what all the excitement is about, get out of your comfort zone, and see what you’re made of! You just might surprise yourself. 2019 Open training starts now!



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